Error 29506 SQL Server Management Studio Express

I was installing SQL Server Management Studio Express 2005 on my vCenter server to run a clean-up when I found that I was getting this error:

The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 29506

In order to run the software, you’ll need to run it as an admin from a command prompt, seeing as how you can’t right click and run the software as an administrator.

  1. Open up an elevated command prompt by right clicking on CMD.exe and choosing to Run As Administrator
  2. Browse to the location of your .msi file and type it’s name in. My location was at C:\Users\Dan Lee\Desktop\sql.msi (I renamed the file to sql.msi for the sake of ease).
  3. That should it. The software will run and install without the error now.

Let me know what else you find on this, but this is pretty straight forward.


  • Saravanan S

    I faced the “Error 29506” while installing SQL Server Management Studio Express.I followed the steps.It is working fine.Thanks for the postings.

  • Dan B. Lee

    Great to hear things are working.


  • Byrd


  • Dan B. Lee

    Glad to hear it works. Cheers :)

  • Torsten

    Worked for me too.

  • Dan B. Lee

    Awesome! Thanks for the verification. Sometimes things change and the tut becomes obsolete.

  • Ted

    Thank you! On this Windows 7 system, “Install” is the only option when you right click on it. This solution worked perfectly!

  • Dan B. Lee

    Ted, glad to hear it’s working. Thanks for the reply!

  • Kate

    I’m running as an administrator in the command line, but couldn’t get past the C:\Windows\System32> path.

    I can’t delete that opening path to type in what you’re suggesting…


    WORKING !!!!! GR8 ThankS

  • Dan B. Lee

    Glad to hear it. Thanks for the reply. It’s always nice to get an update seeing that fixes are still relevant. Cheers!

  • c.p. sharma

    Dear friend
    I tried the above steps to solve the problem 29506, coming during installation on Windows 8 64 bit. Above solution didn’t worked. Error came was “The command was not recognised as an internal/external command”……………………………..

    Please help me out

  • Dan B. Lee

    I’m not familiar with installing this software on Windows 8 64bit. There may be OS related issues there as I was using Server 2008 R2.

    I’d google the error you’re getting and see if the internet can help you further. Good luck!

  • Rahul G

    This worked wonderfully. Thanks a bunch !

  • Dan B. Lee

    Sure thing, glad it worked! Cheers.

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  • febryan

    it did not work on my computer windows 7 os x64

  • Dan B. Lee

    Apologies, Febryan. I’m not sure if this is OS related or not, but typically you’ll fix the Studio Express and other SQL software on Servers. I’d give that a shot. Good luck!

  • Martin

    Windows 8.1. Worked instant!
    Thanks alot :)

  • ralfh

    Thanks for this man! Cheers!

  • luis omar

    Funcionó (: gracias