WinRAR Access is Denied Error

I was recently moving large VEEAM backup files from one site to another. They were so large that I first needed to compress them.

A small side note: VEEAM backup files, which are already almost 45% compressed VMs, compress again very nicely using WinRAR or other compression tools. My backups are separated between Windows and Linux servers, which helps with similar data. I manage roughly 7TB of data for a mid sized company. VEEAM’s backups compress that data to about 3.7 TB of backups files in VEEAM format. WinRAR will then compressed them down to about 1.4TB. That’s far, far less data across the WAN while doing site-to-site Replication.

I RAR’d up my data and moved it to where it needed to go. Once there, I tried to extract the files and was worried when I got an “Access is Denied” on the files I was trying to extract. I tried running an elevated instance of WinRAR and finally gave in to the fact that I was out of luck; WinRAR just wasn’t going to let me extract these files.

My only answer was to download 7-zip to see if it would let me extract the files. 7-Zip extracted files without access warnings.